How can China rapidly promote industrialization

Since Britain first started the industrial revolution in the 18th century, mankind has gone through more than 200 years of industrialization. After the founding of New China, under the leadership of the Communist Party of China, it took us only a few decades to complete the process of industrialization that developed countries have experienced for hundreds of years. The world is amazed at the great achievements of China's industrialization, and many foreign scholars are also trying to solve the mystery. Reviewing the course of China's industrialization, we will find that the leadership of the Communist Party of China is the decisive factor in the rapid promotion of industrialization.

The development experience of various countries shows that the late-developing countries can not promote industrialization smoothly without the ruling party which always adheres to the original intention and has a strong sense of mission. As soon as the Communist Party of China was founded, it adhered to the original intention and mission of striving for happiness for the Chinese people and rejuvenation for the Chinese nation. After the founding of New China, our party did not forget its original ideals and aspirations, kept in mind its mission, established the basic socialist system through socialist transformation, promoted a new great revolution in reform and opening up, and eliminated the drawbacks of the system and mechanism that hindered the development of the productive forces. In effectively dealing with the severe test of economic and social development, constantly strengthen the party's self-building, improve the ruling ability, and correctly handle the relationship between reform, development and stability, which provides a fundamental guarantee for the smooth progress of China's industrialization.

Choosing the right path is the premise of rapidly promoting industrialization. Due to different resource endowments and historical traditions, the path of industrialization is also different in different countries. Whether we can choose the road of industrialization suitable for our own national conditions is a major test for the ruling parties of various countries. After the founding of New China, our party put forward the strategy of giving priority to the development of heavy industry and established an independent and relatively complete industrial system, which laid a solid foundation for further promoting industrialization. Since the reform and opening up, our party has conscientiously summed up and absorbed the experiences and lessons of China's industrialization, gave full play to China's comparative advantages in labor and resources, and actively integrated into the global industrial division of labor. in practice and exploration, we have found a road to industrialization with Chinese characteristics and started the process of rapid industrialization in China.

The formulation of national development strategies and development plans to keep pace with the times is the guarantee for the rapid promotion of industrialization. Since the founding of New China, our party has persisted in formulating national development strategies around the stage of China's development and practical tasks. Whether it is the strategy of giving priority to the development of heavy industry formulated at the beginning of the founding of New China, the "three-step" development strategy put forward after reform and opening up, or the strategic arrangement for the development of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era put forward by the 19th CPC National Congress, all have pointed out the direction and established the goal for the development of China's industrialization, and inspired the whole party and the people of all ethnic groups throughout the country to continue to struggle for the realization of industrialization.

Adhering to the idea of people-centered development is the foundation of rapidly promoting industrialization. The people are not only the fundamental forces to promote industrialization, but also those who enjoy the fruits of industrialization. In the 70 years since the founding of New China, our party has adhered to the supremacy of the interests of the people, United and led the people of all ethnic groups to vigorously promote industrialization, which has effectively promoted China's economic and social development and the improvement of the people's living standards. Today, the Engel coefficient of household consumption in China has dropped to less than 30 percent, the number of middle-income groups has reached more than 300 million, the average life expectancy has reached 76.7 years, and the number of poor people in rural areas has been reduced by 740 million. People's sense of achievement, well-being and sense of security have been significantly enhanced. It is precisely because our party insists on relying on and for the people, the process of industrialization in our country has always won the support of the people and has made great achievements in just a few decades.

Planning and development around solving the main social contradictions is the key to rapidly promoting industrialization. Since the founding of New China, especially since the reform and opening up, our party has correctly analyzed the main social contradictions in our country, and proposed to persist in taking economic construction as the center, concentrate efforts on developing social productive forces and realize national industrialization. Entering the new era, the principal contradiction of our society has been transformed, and the contradiction between the people's growing needs for a better life and unbalanced and inadequate development has become the principal contradiction of our society. This means that we should further upgrade the level and level of industrialization, build a modern economic system, and promote high-quality economic development. To this end, we should vigorously implement the innovation-driven development strategy, strengthen independent research and development of key core technologies, persist in comprehensively deepening reform, and strive to eliminate the drawbacks of systems and mechanisms that hinder the promotion of the level and level of China's industrialization. to promote the high-quality development of China's industrialization.

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