Four common stamping processes for metal stamping parts

Metal stamping parts is a kind of processing method with high production efficiency, less material loss and lower processing cost. It is more suitable for mass parts production, easy to achieve mechanization and automation, with high accuracy, but also convenient for the post-processing of parts.

General hardware stamping parts, in the production process, there are the following four processing processes:

1. Blanking: a stamping process that separates the sheet metal (including punching, blanking, trimming, cutting, etc.).

2。. Bending: a stamping process in which the sheet metal is bent along the bending curve into a certain angle and shape.

3. Deep drawing: a stamping process in which the flat sheet metal is turned into a variety of open hollow parts, or the shape and size of the hollow parts are further changed.

4. Local forming: a stamping process (including flanging, bulging, leveling, shaping, etc.) in which the shape of a blank or stamping part is changed by a variety of local deformations of different properties.

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