HITECH is leading supplier of precision turned parts, machined components, die-casting parts and stamping parts. from our factories in suzhou and our sales office in shanghaiour engineering, sales and producton specialists are dedicated to supplying quality, cost effective parts to distributors, end users & OEM's in the electronic, mechanical and automotive industries.


As a professional manufacturer and supplier, quality is our number one priority, we strictly comply with all IATF16949 requirements and offer our clients both high and low volume production, our advanced systems and process controls ensure we deliver custom manufacturing at very competitive prices, without the headaches, stresses and complications that are often associated with far east product sourcing.


You can receive a quote from us within 72 hours after we receive a technical drawing from you, and once you’ve approved your samples, we’ll ship the order within 6-8 weeks.

With continuing growth,we are able to offer an ever-increasing variation in the type of parts we supply using many different manufacturing methods. also, many variations in the materials parts are made from, including stainless steel, aluminum, plastics ,alloy steel and brass. this enables us to maximize the advantages to you in terms of qualitycost and delivery.

Die-casting Parts . Precision Machined Parts . Stamping Parts

Leading manufacturer of precision metal spare parts (standard & non-standard)!

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